Participants needed for hot yoga study


The prosociality and well-being lab in the psychology department at the=20
University of Cambridge is running a 6 week hot yoga study. We are=20
looking for yoga neophytes and we thought you might be interested in=20
benefitting from such an opportunity.

It is entirely free and the research participation only consists in=20
surveys (online and via an app) along with attending the yoga classes=20
consistently for 6 weeks.

We collaborate with Ethos hot yoga (, located on St=20
Andrew=E2=80=99s street. Participants have access to a subset of the classe=
offered at the studio – only the hot yoga ones – they schedule and book=20
flexibly among the 18 classes available each week.

Please do email me or to register or learn more=20
about our study if interested.

My best,

Laurie Parma
Research Assistant at Cambridge Prosociality and Well-Being Lab
University Of Cambridge
Department of Psychology
Downing Street
Cambridge, CB2 3EB, UK


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