q SmokeWorks University Chillenge – Hughes Hall MCR

SmokeWorks University Chillenge



teams of 4 | 8 chicken wings each | 2nd hottest chilli in the world

entry £8 per contestant | grand final is free | £100 voucher prize

can your team handle the SmokeWorks university chillenge?

each team member gets 8 chicken wings – 4 of them smothered in our
signature vlad’s blood hot sauce and 4 in scorpion chilli sauce (made
from the 2nd hottest chilli in the world).

the chillenge? work as a team to finish all the chicken wings in the
shortest time possible. only once you’ve finished your own wings can you
start helping out your team members.

we’ll pick the best 2 ‘gown’ teams and the best 2 ‘town’ and invite them
back for our grand ‘town v gown’ final on sunday 29th november!

the winning team will receive £100 SmokeWorks vouchers to share.

to enter simply turn up at SmokeWorks with your team of 4 to take on the

(available 1st october – 15th november 2015, anyday except saturdays)


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