CAMMIGRES Forum Petition for intellectual refuge and shelter from persecution for at-risk scholars

Following the widely attended and hugely important event,
‘Intellectual Refuge and Shelter from Persecution: the Role of
Universities in the Current Migration Crisis,’ held at King’s College
on Wednesday 13th, I would like to ask CAMMIGRES Forum members to sign
a petition to pledge your support for at-risk academics and if
possible, to contribute to the crowdfunding initiative that has been
launched to raise funds for a bursary for an at-risk scholar to pursue
a Masters degree at the University of Cambridge.

Details and weblinks for the petition and crowdfunding are below.

Please circulate widely amongst your networks.

Details of the petition

This petition calls upon the University of Cambridge and its colleges
to commit publicly to supporting at-risk academics granted admittance
to the University of Cambridge in the form of financial, housing, and
other support. Generous assistance in times of need embodies the
spirit the University’s mission “to contribute to society through
pursuit of education, learning, and research at the highest
international levels of excellence.” We believe that close
cooperation with established charities is the best way of standing by
these treasured values.

To sign the petition:

To donate towards a bursary for a persecuted scholar: [2]


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