LSE SU Korea Future Forum 2016 – Registration closing soon!

It is our pleasure to invite you to apply to the London School of
Economics SU Korea Future Forum 2016 – the largest student-run forum in
the world discussing social, political and economic matters of the
Korean peninsula.

The 2016 forum will be held under the topic of “Korea-EU FTA: After 5
Years of EU’s First Trade Deal with an Asian Country, Korea”. The forum
includes keynotes, panel discussions and debates about the economic
impact of the KOR-EU FTA, recently drafted Trans-Pacific Partnership
(TPP), South Korea’s Multi-Trace FTA Strategy, analysis of the effect of
trade on the automobile and law industry and many more. With the
Korea-EU FTA reaching its fifth anniversary this year, and EU’s plan to
soon expand trade relations to other Asian countries, the topic is more
relevant than ever.

We will be holding the LSE KFF at the LSE, London, on the 6th of
February 2016 in conjunction with our partners LSE Annual Fund, Doosan
Yonkang Foundation, Export-Import Bank of Korea, Embassy of the Republic
of Korea in the United Kingdom, and the LSE Department of Law.

Information on the Agenda can be found at Our
speakers are global leaders in their fields, among those in attendance
this year are:
*Bark Taeho – Former Minister for Trade of Korea
*Fredrik Erixon – Co­founder of ECIPE & Brussel’s 30 Most Influential
People by FT
*Signe Ratso – Director in the European Commission’s Directorate General
for Trade
*Patrick Messerlin – Chairman of ECIPE’s Steering Committee/Advisory
*Tom Jenkins – Chair of European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC)
*Yorgos Altintzís – Member of the EU­Korea Domestic Advisory Group
*Warwick Morris – Former British Ambassador to South Korea
*Tony Dymond – Former Managing Partner of Herbert Smith Freehill’s Seoul
*Donna Evans – International Policy Advisor of North Asia and the
Pacific at the Law Society
*Hosuk Lee Makiyama – 20 Most Influential People for Open Internet by
the readers of the Guardian
*John Hilary – Executive Director at the War on Want
*Ramon Pacheco Pardo – Lecturer in International Relations at King’s
College London

The KFF is a unique chance for students to gain experience, knowledge,
and contacts. We strongly encourage any student from any degree or
discipline to apply to attend this educational event. Register now at Applications will be reviewed on a rolling
basis. Upon successful applicants we will send out emails to purchase
the ticket.

Should you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact us at Please visit for further


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