NIH Nanotech in Cancer Startup Challenge – competition announcement

After previous years’ great success, with winning teams both years coming from CCN, raising large amounts of seed funding, CCN is again recruiting teams for this year’s competition focused on nanotech and cancer. The Nanotech Startup Challenge is a great opportunity to jump-start your career in life science entrepreneurship, learning how to found and grow a biotech company, all while participating in a competitive and driven environment.

The idea is simple: the NIH releases a set of their nanotech inventions ready for licensing, each as a potential startup idea. Student teams then select an invention of interest to them and compete to develop the best and most commercially feasible business plan for that invention. The teams with the best report receive over $2,000 worth of prizes and get the opportunity to start a company with seed funding of over $1 million.

For further details on the competition itself go to:

CCN is now working to leverage our network to create teams of ambitious cross-disciplinary students, providing resources and expertise both from within CCN’s internal resources as well as leveraging our rich alumni network as a form of mentorship. CCN will also assign an experienced mentor from the field for each project team. As a result, we are looking for students with a background in either business, life sciences, or entrepreneurship.

Interested applicants (undergraduate, Master’s, PhD or MBA students) should apply by sending their CV with a short motivational paragraph to by the 27th of January.


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