q Sign up to be a Peer2Peer Supporter – deadline 2nd Feb – Hughes Hall MCR

Sign up to be a Peer2Peer Supporter – deadline 2nd Feb

Dear Hughesians,

There is a student support network called Peer2Peer that has been
running at many colleges for the last couple of years, which Georgie and
I are helping to get set up at Hughes this term. Students who sign up
are trained as “Peer Supporters”, meaning they are available to support
other students in college who are having emotional difficulties. If
you’re interested in being a Peer Supporter, read on below and sign up
by the 2nd February!

Are you a good listener? Or want to become one? Become aPeer2Peer

Peer2Peer is a welfare scheme in Cambridge University that trains
students in order for them to support their peers in a meaningful and
responsible way. Peer2Peer supporters do not give advice or seek out
problems, rather they respond to requests for help and empower the
person they are supporting to come to their own decisions. The training
teaches the supporter the communication skills required to do this,
amongst other things.

If accepted onto the Peer2Peer program you will receive two days of
training at first, followed by small group training sessions throughout
the year, as well as University wide talks and the chance to meet lots
of new people. You will learn many important and transferable skills to
help students and other people you may come across in life.

To apply please follow this link:


For more information visit our website (http://ptp.soc.srcf.net/ – Or
search for “Cambridge Peer2Peer”) – The application deadline is the 2nd
February 2016. Following your application, we’ll invite you for an
informal meeting with two of our Peer2Peer supporters, to ensure that
the training will be appropriate
for you.

Luke Valori
3rd Year, Cambridge Graduate Course in Medicine
Hughes Hall


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