24-HRs of Erging for Academic Refugees! March 3rd

March 3rd, mark the date, stretch intensely and join us for our 24 hour constant Erg session for a worthy cause!

The University is having some very interesting discussions around academic refugees from Syria and other war-torn regions and the work being done by the CARA foundation. The Fitz MCR Committee has already actively voiced support of the proposed scholarship, and we agreed to commit £75 to help maintain momentum of the cause to fully fund one such academic in need. But alas … £75 is simply not enough!

I was inspired by 4 young women in Murray Edwards who rowed for 24 non-stop (not even a second’s break) to raise money for a charity last year and we are bringing this to Fitz to raise awareness of the CARA/Cambridge initiative. Not a Fitz member, no worries! Come along at any time to donate but drinks will be served from 7-9pm!

State your interest here: https://www.facebook.com/events/496370307154630/

The session will be held outside the JCR (yes, be prepared for some chilly weather. Better marketing when people rigorously endure through things ;) ) with a Drinks Reception from 7-9 pm where the Bubbly will be flowing (mayyyybbee from Aldi ;) to maximise profits! )


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