Accessible teaching: what, how and why? | 29th February 2016

29th February 2016 | 18:30-20:30 [1] | Emmanuel College, Queen’s
Building Lecture Theatre

Accessible Teaching: What, How and Why? | Panel Event | Graduate Ethical
Teaching Forum

What is accessible teaching? Why is it important? How can we as
supervisors begin to implement it? The Graduate Ethical Teaching Forum
is thrilled to present this exciting and necessary panel discussion on
the theme of accessibility in teaching and learning in Cambridge. The
event is open to all.

The panellists are Zara Bain, a PhD philosophy student who runs the
online platform PhDisabled, which aims to further discussion at the
intersection of disability/chronic illness and graduate study
(, Jessica Wing, the current
Disabled Students’ Officer, head of the Disabled Students’ Campaign, and
a final year undergraduate student in the English department, and Hassun
El Zafar, an Education student at Sheffield Hallam who is one of the NUS
Black Students Committee’s disabled student officers.


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