Cambridge Climate and Sustainability Forum

On Saturday the 20th February the Cambridge Climate and Sustainability Forum is hosting its annual one-day conference; this year exploring the topic “Global to Local”.

Through keynote speeches, panel discussions and workshop sessions, we will take you on a journey through the many aspects of efforts to tackle climate change. Academics, professionals and activists will address our current situation of living within an unsustainable economy, explore the intersections between the private sphere and global governance in mitigating climate change, and discuss the role of local activism in creating lasting change.

Speakers range from Paul Polman (CEO of Unilever), Michael Grubb (leading UCL’s Energy and Climate Policy Department), Alice Garton (ClientEarth), Carbon Tracker Initiative, Nick Mabey (CEO of Third Generation Environmentalism) to the art activist group “BP or not to BP”, and many more!

Early bird tickets are now available at £7.50 for students and can be purchased here Included is lunch and refreshments throughout the day. Please see and for more information on the day’s programme, speakers and topics up for discussion.


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