Cambridge Sex & Love Study – Bisexual Men & Lesbian Women Wanted!

Are you over the age of 18 years and a native English speaker? If so,
then we invite you to partake an anonymous 30–90 minute study about
sex and love. At the Gender Development Research Group in the
University of Cambridge, you will go through two or more of the tasks:
(a) complete some short questionnaires, (b) complete some tasks
sorting pictures and words, and/or (c) watch several explicit videos
that comprise sexual contents and nonexplicit videos that comprise
natural sceneries while your pupil responses being recorded. You will
receive £3–15 for participating, depending on tasks completed.

We are now especially looking for bisexual men (straight curious, bi-curious, mostly straight, mostly gay, etc.) and lesbian women.

To find out more about what the study involves and decide if you would
like to take part please follow the link:


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