PhD students – volunteer to present your work at the Science Festival!

Pecha Kucha Challenge

March19th Saturday, 2-4.00pm, IfM.

In this event, postgraduate students enrolled for a PhD in Engineering
will take on the challenge of sharing their research with a science
festival audience in just 6MIN 40 SEC, using the Pecha Kucha technique
which involves presenting using 20 slides, each showing for just 20 sec. [1]

Training materials will be available on-line, outlining the principles
of a great Pecha Kucha presentation.

Volunteers receive two one-to-one sessions ,each of 20 min, on 10 March
and 16th March to practice their presentation individually.

Participants on previous events commented:

_”Speaking dynamically during 6m40s is a great experience. Translating
complex concepts to a general public helped me to access my research
through a more tangible perspective. I definitely learnt a lot during
this project.”_

_”Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do something like this, it
was a lot of fun. I’ve recommended the style of presentation to my mum –
she’s always complaining about boring presentation sessions!”_

_”The exercise of communicating my research to a non-technical audience
was a very useful one to undergo. It forced me to think differently
about my research, and that experience has helped me to do a better job
of presenting in a technical setting as well.”_


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