So what makes you a professional?

Ever wonder what to do with your life? What you want to get our of a so called ‘career’? How do we balance our personal aspirations and professional gain with our the social responsibility?

On March 7th, Newnham MCR bring you a very interactive workshop asking what it means to be a professional for our generation and for YOU as an individual. We have some fascinating people to facilitate the discussion and share some of their insights from diverse career paths.

The event is run in collaboration with AuditFutures, and the aim is to explore what a ‘career’ looks like today, how that differs from a generation ago, what that means for us, and what you want out of your career. By the end you should be able to answer what it mean to be a professional for you, and have a better idea of how to achieve that goal.

The event is free, and runs from 4:30 to 6:30 pm on march 7th at Newnham College, Lucia Windsor Room. For more information about the format and content of the workshop and to register please see the poster and EventBright below.


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