q Summer School Tutoring Opportunities at Debate Chamber 2016 – Hughes Hall MCR

Summer School Tutoring Opportunities at Debate Chamber 2016

We are a small educational company established in 2003. We offer
students a taste of their chosen subject at undergraduate level,
enabling them to make a more informed choice about their university
options, as well as to have fun getting really stuck into some
challenging academic material together with equally enthusiastic peers.

We’re a little different to other tutoring companies, in that we don’t
coach students to pass their school exams, and we don’t give university
interview or other applications advice. Instead, we seek to appeal to
students with a genuine intellectual curiosity and a desire to explore
academic material in a more sophisticated way than is often available in

At Debate Chamber we believe in a style of learning which is not
constrained by the requirements of examinations, and which offers
students the chance to engage with material for its own sake, rather
than in an instrumental way. We encourage students to explore more
independently, pursuing their own interests and questions, rather than
trying to second guess the desires of an examiner, interviewer or

We are looking for applicants to work with us on our Summer School
programme 2016.

We are looking to recruit tutors in the following areas: Art History,
Classical Civilisations, Economics, English Literature, History,
International Relations, Law, Mathematics, Medicine, Philosophy,
Politics and Physics. You can find out more about our courses on our
website here: www.debatechamber.com [1].

The rate of pay is £145 – £175 per day, depending on qualification
levels (all lesson plans and teaching materials are supplied). For
enquiries or applications, please contact Tom Davies, at
tom@debatechamber.com or on 0845 5194 827. To find out more about the
tutoring positions and to apply please go to:


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