HASS Poster Competition & Buffet Dinner – 6th June

HASS Poster Competition & Buffet Dinner

The college invites you to participate in its HASS (humanities, arts and social sciences) Poster competition. Come and share your research and see what other HASS students are working on with a buffet dinner and drinks. The competition is open to undergrads, MPhils and PhDs to present whatever research they want in poster format. Posters will not be expected, or required, to present complete research but rather to present whatever stage they are at now, including research design, in this creative format. The posters will be judged on their creativity and how effectively they communicate their ideas with two prizes available for the winners! The prizes are free formal tickets and Amazon vouchers for each winner.

Time and Venue: 18:30, 6 June, Peter Richards Room

To register to attend and/or compete by 18:30, 30th May: http://goo.gl/forms/eIQbS9fB5k. The deadline for poster submission is 4th June.

For any information please contact: Zhiyuan (zp237), Philip (pl359) or Luiza (llsp2)

Poster Guidelines: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1a1SnguLHsu0WaswEmJTkTzxxjEQfSX0nTK7gDl84s_Y/edit?usp=sharing


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