Post Doctoral Research Associates (PDRAs) and Research Fellows (RF) showcase

The membership of Hughes Hall represents an extraordinary breadth and depth of interests. Through a series of three showcase evenings, Post Doctoral Research Associates (PDRAs) and Research Fellows (RF) present their exciting cutting edge work through short (10 minute), accessible presentations. Whatever your own discipline, these stimulating evenings offer a chance to discover why the cross disciplinary network has always been central to the Cambridge tradition.
All welcome, free of charge. Cheese, wine and soft drinks will be available.
Wednesday 11th May
* Mechanical Control of Stem Cell Fate, Celine Labouesse (Cambridge Stem Cell Institute)
* Learning, Dopamine, and Psychosis, Kelly Diederen (Dept of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience)
* Cellular Mechanisms in multiple Sclerosis: The Love Life of Oligodendrocytes, Helene Gautier (Dept of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience)
Wednesday 18th May
* The glyoxylate cycle in Pseudomonas aerugionsa: Living off the fat of the land, Stephen Dolan (Dept of Biochemistry)
* title tbc, Zinaida Perova (Neurobiology Division of the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology)
* Towards Photoacoustic Imaging of Tumour Metabolism, Joanna Brunker, Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute
Tuesday 24th May
* Educational inequality in England – how big is it and what can we do about it?, Sonia Ilie (Faculty of Education)
* BCL11A: The positive in triple negative breast cancer, Kyren Lazarus (Dept of Pharmacology)
* Why are vaccines not as effective in older persons?, Danika Hill (Babraham Institute)

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