q Student Bar Supervisor Recruitment 2019-2020 – Hughes Hall MCR

Student Bar Supervisor Recruitment 2019-2020

We are now advertising for the role of Student Bar Supervisor for 2019-2020.

This role includes leading the bar team to provide snacks and beverages to the Hughes population. It predominantly involves rota management, stock control, managing the cleaning of the bar and overseeing the training and performance of the team. There are more details on the attached forms but if you have any questions please contact hr@hughes.cam.ac.uk or ae418@cam.ac.uk. The deadline for applications is Monday 13th May. Good luck!


Job Description: Student Bar Supervisor JD May 2019

Application for Employment Form: HH-Application-Form-Jan-2019

Equality and Diversity Monitoring Form: HH-Equality-Diversity-Monitoring-Form-Recruitment


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