Ultimate Frisbee

Hi I’m Samuel, the captain of ChrEmBroke House Ultimate

Ultimate Frisbee is an exciting and fast paced non-contact team sport that involves passing a Frisbee to try and catch it in the “end zone” to score a point, without it being intercepted by the opposing team. ChrEmBroke House is a multi-college team that has weekly games against other colleges in the “Cambridge Ultimate Disc League”.

There is a high value placed on team spirit and sportsmanship, and it’s very fresher friendly as most people (including me) join having never played before. I would highly recommend joining whatever your background, as you’re sure to have a fun time!

Games: generally Sunday afternoons but can vary
Trainings: location and time can vary
Contact: If you’re interested in joining or have any questions, join our Facebook group, or email me, sc2101@cam.ac.uk



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