2016-2017 Committee

The 2016-207 MCR comittee


President – Peta Blundell

Peta Blundell

Hi everyone! I am a third year law student, originally from Australia, and I am honoured to represent you as MCR President this year. My role involves acting as the student voice at college level meetings, and working with the MCR committee to organise a calendar of social, sporting, cultural and welfare events for you throughout the year.
This committee exists to make sure you have the best possible experience as a student at Hughes, so please do not hesitate to contact us with your feedback, suggestions or concerns. You can reach me at mcr.president@hughes.cam.ac.uk or on Facebook, or come and say hello at one of the numerous MCR events we have planned for this year.

mcr.president@hughes.cam.ac.uk or pb616


Vice President – Nicholas Langford

Nicholas Langford

Nicholas Langford is a second-year undergraduate from Melbourne, Australia, reading for the Classical Tripos. As Vice President, he supports Peta Blundell in representing Hughes students at both the College and University levels. Within Hughes, Nicholas sits on the House Committee and the Development Strategy Committee. He is also the College’s delegate to the Cambridge University Students’ Union. He is a keen rower and thespian. Contact Nicholas at njwl2@cam.ac.uk

mcr.vicepresident@hughes.cam.ac.uk or njwl2


Secretary – Molly James

Molly James


Hi all. I’m Molly, I’m a second year natural scientist and the Hughes Hall MCR secretary. My responsibilities include compiling the Hughes letter and management of our social media account. I also attend College Council. If there is anything I can do to help, please do not hesitate to contact me.

mcr.secretary@hughes.cam.ac.uk or mj467


Treasurer – Gulshan Singh Gill

Gulshan Singh Gill


Responsible for drawing up the annual budget in October and ensuring everything covered (societies, sports teams, social events) by the budget is funded. Also deals with payments of formal swaps and stash orders such as college hoodies. For those who like laying down the law.

mcr.treasurer@hughes.cam.ac.uk or gs511


Academic Affairs Officer – Luíza Leão Soares Pereira

Luíza Leão Soares Pereira

Luíza is a PhD student in Law, and has also done an LL.M at Hughes in 2014-2015. As an Academic Affairs Officer, she is the person in the MCR in charge of liaising between College and students on scholarly matters, organising academic events, and voicing students’ concerns regarding all things educational. If you have anything from events suggestions to personal academic problems, do not hesitate to contact her at llsp2@cam.ac.uk, so she can help you navigate the system in the most efficient way possible and make the most out of your learning experience at Hughes!

mcr.academic@hughes.cam.ac.uk or llsp2


External Social Secretary  – Maximilian Campbell

Maximilian Campbell

Maximilian Campbell is a final-year undergraduate reading for the affiliated law tripos. In his role as External Social Secretary, he organises formal swaps with other colleges for Hughes students. More information on formal swaps will be distributed by email to students throughout the year, and students may then sign up to try and obtain a slot on one. Max is a keen sportsman and thespian, representing the university in a range of sports.

mcr.socialext@hughes.cam.ac.uk or makc2


Internal Social Secretary – Milind Pandit

Milind Pandit

I am a second year PhD student in the faculty of engineering, specializing in sensor design. I am outgoing and like to get involved in organizing and being part of social events. As your social secretary, I am responsible for organizing bops, garden parties, freshers week events, and other social events throughout the year. I will make sure they cater to different interests so that everyone has a great year at Hughes Hall.

 mcr.socialint@hughes.cam.ac.uk or mnp26


Welfare Officer (Female) – Katarina Hlavata

Katarina Hlavata

 Hi everyone, I’m Katarina, a second year undergraduate reading Modern and Medieval Languages. As female welfare officer at Hughes, I’m here to look after your general wellbeing, such as providing support with safety, sexual and mental health. Feel free to get in touch at kh585@cam.ac.uk

mcr.welfare@hughes.cam.ac.uk or kh585


Welfare Officer (Male) – Zen Ng

Zen Ng

I am a third year undergraduate studying Natural Sciences. My main role as one of the  Welfare Officers is to ensure that all students feel safe and as comfortable as possible during their time in Hughes Hall and Cambridge. I hope you will approach me, Katarina, Lucas or any of the other MCR committee members should you have any questions/ issues. We look forward to making this next year a great one for everyone!

mcr.welfare@hughes.cam.ac.uk or hzn20


LGBT+ Officer – Lydia Wong

Lydia Wong

Heya, my name’s Lydia and I am in my final year of studies reading Law.

I was the previous LGBT+ Rep at Hughes, and was also on the CUSU LGBT+ Committee. This year I am back and will be sure to keep you all up to date with the latest events happening in Cambridge! Hughes hosts various amazing LGBT events as well, so don’t miss them! Do contact me if you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns

mcr.lgbt@hughes.cam.ac.uk or ylw29


Diversity and Equality Officer – Lucas Saric

Lydia Wong

Hi everyone! My name is Lucas and I am a second year law tripos student. I’m your equality and diversity officer for the following year. Essentially, I work towards making sure Hughes is an inclusive space for everyone. I’m currently working on setting up Hughes’ first ever BME society, as well as working with administration to make the college more disability friendly. I’m also available to chat whenever, feel free to shoot me an email whenever at ls709@cam.ac.uk. Looking forward to a great year!

mcr.diversity@hughes.cam.ac.uk or ls709


Accommodation Officer – Josh Richman

Josh Richman

I’m Josh and I’m a second year Law student. As accommodation officer I provide a link between the students and the college, relaying student’s concerns to the relevant staff members and making sure we have a say in any proposed changes in policy or structural developments. I also help coordinate Summer Storage.

mcr.accommodation@hughes.cam.ac.uk jar90


Sports and Societies Officer – Jodie Chalmers

Jodie Chalmers

Hi all! I’m Jodie, I’m a third year graduate medic and your Sports and Societies Officer for the year. I act as a point of contact for all sports and societies in the college, helping represent them should they have any issues or require further funding. I’m responsible for organising the Sports and Societies Fair in Freshers week (Saturday 1st October this year!). I also appoint the Punt Admiral, and help to manage Buffyfish, the Hughes Hall punt. Please don’t hesitate to get in contact if you want further information, or have any sports and society ideas!

mcr.societies@hughes.cam.ac.uk or jsc75


IT and Infrastructure Officer – Harry Holkham

Harry Holkham

Hi all, I’m Harry – a second year medic. I’m your infrastructure officer for the year. If there is anything you would like putting on the website, or if you would like to book one of the MCR rooms then please get in contact.

mcr.infrastructure@hughes.cam.ac.uk or hoh21


Green and Ethical Affairs Officer – Kai Schulze

Kai Schulze

 Working with the college and students to help shape college green policy, an area of vital significance moving forward and one still very much in the early stages of development. The green officer sits on the college’s Green Committee which discusses college policy. The green officer is also responsible for any charity initiatives within the college.

mcr.green@hughes.cam.ac.uk or ks727


Bar Manager – Harry Holkham

Harry Holkham

 I’m also the bar manager. The bar is open everyday in term time from 8pm until midnight and we serve a wide range of drinks, including soft drinks and a large gin and whiskey collection. If you have any queries about running events in the bar or any other questions please do not hesitate to get in touch. Bar manager is a non-voting position.

bar.manager@hughes.cam.ac.uk or hoh21



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