Dear Punt Ticket Holder,

We hope you enjoyed the wonderful summer and excellent sunny days on the river.

As we get into the winter season we would like to remind you that there’s an increased possibility of adverse weather.

The river current, air temperature and wind speed measurements are tested and checked at our stations every morning between 9:00 and 9:30.

For safety, our self-hire boats stop operating in temperatures under 5°C and our tours do so when it’s under 0 °C.

To keep yourself informed – if you’re intending to go on the river at a particular day – please check our website where any weather-related updates will be posted or you can call us directly on 01223 359 750.

Our daily opening and closing times can be found here: www.scudamores.com/opening-times.

We look forward to seeing you on the river soon.


The Bookings Team

Scudamore’s Punting Company

Tel: 01223 359750


Please read our Terms & Conditions HERE

We have annual tickets for two punts at Scudamore’s, allowing Hughes Hall Punt Club members to hire a punt at Scudamore’s Mill Lane station for free throughout the whole year. Each of the two punts can be booked by one Punt Club member per day for as long as the whole day (i.e. a total of two punt club member bookings per day). Unfortunately, we do not allow double bookings for both punts. Please check the Punt Club terms and conditions for details and make sure that you have read the latest version before hiring a punt.

How to become a member
1. To join the Punt Club, please fill in the membership form. We also ask for a donation of £15 as a small contribution to the expenses of the Punt Club. The donation can be made by bank transfer to the MCR:
Account name: Hughes Hall MCR
Sort code: 401608
Account number: 50462411
Reference: PUNT’your CRSID’ (like ‘PUNTabc01’)

2. Send an email to the Infrastructure Officer (mcr.infrastructure@hughes.cam.ac.uk) attaching the membership form and conformation of the bank transfer. Once your donation has been verified by the treasurer (this normally occurs on a Sunday), you will be registered for use and get access to the punt booking system.

How to hire a Scudamore’s punt
1. Bookings can be placed directly through the online booking portal, to which you will get access after your membership is confirmed.

2. Enter your @cam.ac.uk email address. You will get a temporary password giving you access to the online Boat Request Form. When entering your details, please make sure that you type in your correct name as it is shown on your ID or university card. You can only book one punt per user per day. Due to a bug in the system it allows you to book two punts, but if these are in the same name it condenses them down so the administrator view that is seen by Scudamore’s only sees one booking.

3. After your booking, you will receive a confirmation email from Scudamore’s. The Admiral will also be notified about your booking request.
4. Go to Scudamore’s Mill Lane Station and hire a 6-person punt (or a kayak/canoe!) towards Grantchester or the College Backs. All you need to bring is a proof of identify as well as a proof of your affiliation to Hughes Hall. You will be asked to leave your credit card as a deposit. The punt must be returned before the station closes (see T’s & C’s).

Happy punting!