Hughesletter 14-21 October

Dear Hughesians,

Starting today, we move into the era of the Hughesletter. Everyone will be pleased to learn that the deluge of emails will cease, starting tomorrow. All your important news will be grouped here and available at a glance. For a myriad of extra news and announcements, please check our home page regularly, as well as the calendar. In addition, our new Sports & Societies section will hopefully save you from having to ever again dig through a pile of emails for a long-forgotten date or place. I encourage you to make the most of it.

Without further ado, here are the most important events and announcements for this week.

News from Hughes

  1. Ski Trip, now jointly with Lucy Cavendish
  2. The MCR will be asking for applicants for the position of May Ball President. Expect an email this week.
  3. Tea & Cakes, October 20th, 15.00

Sports and Societies News

  1. Film Tuesday, October 15th, 20.00
  2. French Wine Tasting at the Wine Club, October 16th, 20.30
  3. Hat Club, October 17th, 20.00

Other News

  1. Comedy at the GU

For past events and announcements, please see the previous Hughesletter.

All the best,

— George Sarbu
MCR Secretary


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