2019-2020 Committee

From left to right: Patrick, Rachel, Jenson, Alexandra Gablier, Nicolai, Alexandra Entwistle-Thompson, Irene, Lydia, Paulina, Michael, Anna

President: Alexandra Entwistle-Thompson

Hi, I’m Alexandra and I study graduate entry medicine at Hughes. I’m MCR President for 2019-2020.

I’m incredibly excited to work with college, the lovely MCR committee and the student body this year!

If you have any questions or suggestions then please feel free to get in touch with me over email or around college and at events, it would be lovely to hear from you all!


Vice President: Constantinos Kazamias

Hello! My name is Constantinos Kazamias and I am an undergraduate Law student at Hughes Hall. Before coming to Cambridge, I served in the Cypriot National Guard for 14 months. As current MCR Vice – President, I support the MCR President and Committee at college level, as well as acting as the college’s delegate to the Cambridge University Students’ Union and the Graduate Union. If you would like a specific topic to be discussed in a CUSU Council Meeting, do not hesitate to contact me. We aim for an active year for Hughes Hall so get excited! For anything else, please do not hesitate to reach me through the emails below.


Secretary: Patrick Simon Perillo

Hello! I am a PhD candidate in Land Economy, working on corporate accountability in international law. As the MCR Secretary, I represent the Committee and the student body at the College Council, together with the MCR President. I am in charge of the announcement and documentation of MCR meetings. I am also the person to contact regarding communication-related matters, including requests to circulate relevant information to the student body via the Hughesletter. If you have any questions or concerns about communication-related matters, or issues that may be discussed at Council, please do not hesitate to reach me through the email/s provided below.

mcr.secretary@hughes.cam.ac.uk or psp27@cam.ac.uk

Treasurer: Anna Kölle



Academic Affairs Officer: Irene Yu

Hi all, this is Irene. I am a second year undergraduate student in economics and the incoming academic officer. I am very excited to work as a part of this amazing committee!

My key responsibilities are to be a bridge between students and the college in terms of academic matters, keep track of the academic and learning resource needs, and organise academic events.

Please let me know if you have any questions by email. I am also happy to meet up for a cup of coffee! 😊


Social Secretary: Paulina Rose Librizzi

Hi, my name is Paulina Librizzi and I am a third year Materials Science PhD student from New York City. As one of your fabulous social secretaries, I’ll be partially responsible for organizing BOPs, garden parties, bar nights, and intercollegiate events this year! If there’s any event you’d like to see happen, feel free to get in contact with me! My suggestion box is always open, and I look forward to meeting everyone and having a fantastic year!


Social Secretary: Nicolai van der Steen

Hello, my name is Nicolai, I am first year undergraduate student in Philosophy from the Netherlands. Together with Paulina I am social secretary this year. I hope to organise some stimulating and fun music / bar nights this year, but I will also help with bops, the garden party, formal swaps, etc. Mostly, I hope that you come with good ideas for any type of social event, so that we can make it happen together – you can always email me or speak to me in person.


Welfare Officer (Female): Rachel Hosking

Hello! My name is Rachel and I’m first year graduate medic. I will be your female welfare office this year so do get in contact if you have a concern – whether it’s personal, college, or university related, I’m happy to help! I’m passionate about raising awareness of the support available in college and helping individuals find the assistance they need.

I also have the college’s sexual health supply: condoms (female and male), lubricant, dental dams and pregnancy tests. I’m working to make these more available (ideally 24/7) but please do contact me for a free supply.

I hope to see you all at tea and cakes soon 😊.


Welfare Officer (Male): Marco Egle

My name is Marco Egle and I am studying clinical neuroscience in the second-year of my PhD. I am very honored to be your male welfare officer. If you are worried or if there are any concerns related to personal, college or university issues, please feel free to contact me. I am really happy to help.

My main goals for this academic year will be to stress the awareness on mental health issues and to organise a number of events that promote welfare in this college, such as setting up pub crawls at the end of every month.

Looking forward seeing you at the tea and cake sessions!


LGBT+ Welfare Officer: Nicola Gorringe

Hiya! I have just started my PhD in Plant Science and the new LGBTQ+ Officer. With this position I hope to be able to create a safe space for individuals who identify as LGBTQ+. As well as host a number of inclusive events which brings our community together to support one another and discuss the issues faced by LGBTQ+ individuals.
Feel free to contact me about anything, good or bad, via email or in person!


Equality Officer: Jenson Deokiesingh

Hello, everyone! My name is Jenson, and I am from Trinidad and Tobago. I am a first year PhD student in Education, and absolutely elated to be your Equality Officer for the next year. As your officer, I intend to bring more visibility, representation, access and equity to the college. My role will be promoting diversity and equality by ensuring the diverse needs and perspectives of the student population are well represented within and across Hughes Hall. Please feel free to send me an e-mail, or come chat with me anytime. :)


Accommodation Officer: Kilian Bartsch

Hi! My name is Kilian Bartsch and I am a second year undergrad engineer from France (but not really, it‘s complicated). As your accommodation officer I will be doing my best to coordinate efforts between everyone involved to try and solve any issues that may arise. I also sit on the House committee and try to make sure that the rules remain in our favour.
Feel free to email or message me!


Sports and Societies Officer: Alexandra Gablier

Hi everyone! I am Alexandra, a 2nd year PhD student working in the Physics Department on polymer actuators. As your Sports and Societies Officer for the upcoming year, my role will be to provide support to sports teams and societies, as well as liaise with the Hughes community and try to provide the best College experience possible by trying to cater to your wishes and needs. You’ll easily find me either on a sports court, helping with the porters, or at one of the events hosted by our numerous societies.
If you have any questions (Do we have a team in this sport? Who do I get in touch with if I want to do this activity? Do we have this kind of equipment? Can we get this equipment? Does this society exist? I want to set up a society, what should I do? Etc..) then please don’t hesitate to contact me. Additionally, for any other concerns, suggestions (!!!), or anything you want to have a chat about, please either come and find me, drop me a message on Facebook, or send me an email 😊


IT and Infrastructure Officer: Michael Tang

Hi! My name is Michael and I am a Computer Science MPhil student. As your IT and Infrastructure Officer, I will be looking after the MCR website, the MCR room bookings and facilities. Feel free to use the room booking form to book one of our MCR rooms. I am also responsible for the punt membership. If you have any queries or concerns, just send me a message or an email.


Green and Ethical Affairs Officer: Lydia Collas

Hello! My name is Lydia, I’m a PhD student researching how agricultural policy could best incentivise farmers to provide environmental benefits on their land, in terms of biodiversity and carbon sequestration. I’m responsible for the MCR’s green and ethical policies. If you’d like to get involved or have ideas you’d like to see at Hughes then please get in touch by email or via our Hughes Hall Green Impact Facebook Page.



President: Daniel Anton Garcia
Vice President: Yuri Im
Secretary: Hattie Stacey
Treasurer: Maxim Kuvshinov
Academic Affairs Officer: Anna Kölle
Social Secretary: Nikhil Dutt Sundaraj
Social Secretary: Emma Silvester
Welfare Officer (Female): Paulina Rose Librizzi
Welfare Officer (Male): Andrea Di Antonio
LGBT* Welfare Officer: Charles Su
Equality Officer: Irene Yu
Accommodation Officer: Patrick Simon Perillo
Sports and Societies Officer: Connor OPray
IT and Infrastructure Officer: Harry Holkham
Green and Ethical Affairs Officer: James Che


President: Harry Holkham
Vice President: Nicholas Langford
Secretary: Andrew Gwynne
Treasurer: Maxim Kuvshinov
Male Welfare Officer: Andrea Di Antonio
Female Welfare Officer: Annelies Baneke
Social Secretary: Milind Pandit
Social Secretary: Gaya Muthukumar
Academic Officer: Yuri Im
Sports and Societies Officer: Nazhif Zaini
Ethical and Environmental Affairs Officer: Heather Ros Macpherson
Infrastructure Officer: Daniel Anton Garcia
LGBT+ Officer: Lucas Saric
Diversity and Equality Officer: Caitlyn Merry
Accommodation Officer: Josh Richman


President: Peta Blundell
Vice President: Nicholas Langford
Secretary: Molly James
Treasurer: Gulshan Singh Gill
Male Welfare Officer: Zen Ng
Female Welfare Officer: Katarina Hlavata
Social Secretary: Milind Pandit
Social Secretary: Maximillian Campbell
Academic Officer: Luíza Leão Soares Pereira
Sports and Societies Officer: Jodie Chalmers
Ethical and Environmental Affairs Officer: Kai Schulze
Infrastructure Officer: Harry Holkham
LGBT+ Officer: Lydia Wong
Diversity and Equality Officer: Lucas Saric
Accommodation Officer: Josh Richman


President: Ellinore Ahlgren
Vice President: Maya Raphael
Secretary: Clare Collins
Treasurer: Sheridan Jones
Male Welfare Officer: Luke Valori
Female Welfare Officer: Georgie Rawson
Internal Social Secretary: Taylor Harris
External Social Secretaries: Steve Campbell, Nathan Wang
Academic Officer: Peta Blundell
Sports and Societies Officer: Sally Mole
Ethical and Environmental Affairs Officer: Rina Kuusipalo
Infrastructure Officer: Jill McKenna
LGBT Representative: Yu Ling (Lydia) Wong


President: Jonathan Loesing
Vice President: Clare Collins
Secretary: Xander Friedlaender
Treasurer: Sheridan Jones
Male Welfare Officer: Andrew Hoolachan
Female Welfare Officer: Sally Mole
Internal Social Secretary: Steve Campbell
External Social Secretaries: Marjun Parcasio and Sheena Wong
Academic Officer: Emily Ruzich
Sports and Societies Officer: Katie Klavenes
Ethical and Environmental Affairs Officer: Dara Djavan Khoshdel
Infrastructure Officers: George Sarbu and Chris Eng


President: Tobi Olasounkanmi
Vice-President: Omar Shamayleh
Secretary: George Sarbu
Treasurer: Stephen Hall
Welfare Officer (Male): Angelo Mussita
Welfare Officer (Female): Julie Witter
Internal Social Secretary: Ben Goldberg
External Social Secretary: Nelly Olova
Academic Officer: Dara Djavan Khoshdel
Sports and Societies Officer: Erling Amble
Ethical and Environmental Affairs Officer: Amy Thomas


President: Ben Goldberg
Secretary: Stefano Gogioso
Treasurer: Christian Ku
Vice President: Stefano Salvatore
Social Secretaries: Martin Sedlak, Andrew Walls
Welfare Officers – Davide Cavaliere, Lara Diaz de Grenu
Bar Manager: Stefano Salvatore
Sports and Societies: Erling Amble
External Social Secretaries: Nelly Olova, Michel Schammel
Ethical Affairs Officers: Marcus Tan, Lorenz Fenk
Undergraduate RepresentativeL Gunel Mehdiyeva
Internal Social Officer: Eugenio Cocchi
Development Officer: Amy Thomas
Off-College Officer – Miranda Abild


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